To mould industrious technocrats with entrepreneurship skills, social and environmental values, besides preparing them to pursue higher studies.


  • To impart industry – oriented education in the field of Civil engineering.
  • Generate technocrats with entrepreneurship qualities to solve societal issues.
  • To mould students with ethics to become more environmentally friendly.

HOD’s Message

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 1957 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students per year. The department offers a three-year diploma course that consists of core civil engineerings subjects like Structural Design and Engineering, Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Theory of Structure, Concrete Technology, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction materials & Engineering and Building Planning and Drawing. Apart from these regular subjects, students are also trained to operate Total station and work with software involving Computer Aided Drafting, Structural analysis and Design, Estimation. The department’s laboratories are well-equipped to promote practical learning with improved comprehension and to guarantee the best possible retention of their knowledge.
The department has been instrumental in shaping the students to succeed in their careers since 1957. Numerous well-known graduates who work for prestigious government agencies and private-sector companies are alumni of this department. The entire diploma programme is structured to help students develop into effective field supervisors who will work hard to uphold the highest standards in civil construction. The faculty and technical staff of the department are experts in their disciplines as well.
The institution website provides an overview of the academic programmes, faculty members, facilities and details of student activities. Individual faculty members can be contacted directly by using the email addresses shown in the faculty pages. Our department looks forward to contribute in solving the technological challenges of the society with active participation from all sections of the society.





Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1. Productively face the changes in the field of Civil engineering and serve society.

PEO 2. Perform research – oriented higher studies to become entrepreneurs to deal with financial and time management.

PEO 3. Demonstrate professionalism, leadership quality, helping mindset, sustainability and environmentally friendly.


Program specific outcomes

 PSO :1 Capable of designing and constructing eco-friendly structures and serve the community as responsible professionals.

PSO :2 Solve problems in various domains of Civil engineering with the training of enhanced employability skills.



# Name Designation
1 N.SHAINI Head of Department
3 SARANYA V Lecturer
4 BINI.IG. Lecturer
5 UTHARA P RAJ Lecturer
6 SINDHU.K. Demonstrator
7 ANJU.V. Demonstrator
8 ANEESH SASIDHARAN Trade Instructor
9 AJILAL.S Trade Instructor