Civil Engineering


  • To produce Civil Engineers through quality education and to make them employable; to pursue higher studies; capable to become an entrepreneur and useful to the whole world with an innovative approach.


  • To promote quality education to contribute in the field of Civil Engineering through Basic and specific knowledge.
  • To develop graduates competable for higher studies, employability and entrepreneur.
  • To deal with the social issues and to cater the societal needs.


Sl.No: Photo Name Designation

K.J. Sudhir


Head of the Department


2 Sindhu.V.Chandran Lecturer
3 N.Shaini Lecturer
4 Sindhu.D.K Lecturer
5 Sunithakumari.K.S Lecturer
6 Bini.I.G Lecturer
7 Jayalekshmi.P Demonstrator
8 K.Sindhu Demonstrator
9 Anju.V Demonstrator
10 D.Sajeev Trade Instructor
11 Aneesh Sasidharan Trade Instructor
12 Ajilal.S Tradesman
13 Ayyappanunni.U Tradesman